When tolerances need to be sub millimeter. 

Metrology surveying is the term used when the requirement is high accuracy better than 1mm. Generally mechanical installation work or deformation monitoring are theareas most common to this type of surveying.

 WILD HEERBRUGG N3 LEVEL - Microptic accuracy at its very best. 

PJL Surveys have many years experience using the highest accuracy surveying equipment available. A good understanding of the methods used to get the required results is essential. 

Modern Digital instrumentation such as the Leica DNA03 has exceptional abilities monitoring to an accuracy of 1/10th millimeter. .


 Wild Heerbrugg N3 v Leica DNA03

One of the best aspects of using the DNA03 against the Wild N3 is that there is less operator fatigue, which is very important if there are many readings. The DNA03 is also quicker to set up than the N3. In situations where there is difficulty reading the survey staff due to many obstructions and limited working space then the N3 can prove to be the better solution as it does not require a view of quite a large area of the survey staff. Accuracy alone then both instruments achieve incredible performance. 


The Trimble DiNi22  is the rival to the DNA03. Its a heavier altogether more solid looking instrument coming from the takeover of Zeiss. I still cannot make my mind up between the two instuments. Leicas model is a great deal lighter and the display is bigger. Using various DNA03 levels I have found the odd one a bit temperamental in low lighting. The Trimble instrument is a great deal heavier and in use did not seem to have to many intermittent problems. This instrument is big and looks the part however I could not choose between the two with any factual weaknesses or benefits. Maybe price could be a factor ? The Leica DNA03 complete with tripod and Invar staff costs a little below £5,000 and the Trimble DiNi22 kit is maybe a little below £4,5000. Past experience with Leica is that there is more choice when repairs become necessary. Its here, in running costs,  I feel that Leica has the slight edge on Trimble.