Dealing with boundary issues is a complex matter and needs a good sound knowledge backed up by experience. 

PJL Surveys have been involved in many boundary disputes over the years. Some have ended up in court and have cost the disputing parties dearly along the route. Court costs can be in the region of £15-20,000 per day -not a place to sit out and lose a stubborn battle. Our services aim to solve the issue at an early stage and give an accurate prediction of the likely end result. It is important that boundary dispute are tackled professionally with sound advice and information.

To date PJL Surveys have a 100% record here with satisfied customers. In every situation where we have advised to fight a case the outcome has been successful. PJL Surveys are now recognised as being amongst the most experienced companies in U.K. dealing with boundary matters. Small boundary disputes can just be a boundary wall dispute or shared access dispute between 2 neighbours. The largest boundary dispute PJL Surveys have undertaken to date involved surveying 14km of fenceline along a major highway in order to deal with the various & many individual landowners along the route where a fenceline position may have compromised ownership.    


We are fully aware of all aspects of resourcing historic data and also the complexities of using Ordnance Survey information, Land Registry documents, aerial photographs etc. When required PJL Surveys will obtain land registry/O.S. survey data digitally thus removing guesswork caused by scaling from the more common 1/1250 A4 drawing. This can be a powerful tool of real benefit. Our role is to determine the boundary - not to build a defense with a client for land that is not owned. It follows that the result is impartial.

We take great pain to advise customers the realities of a boundary dispute and a professional assessment of their risks taking on the case.

Our services are generally pre-solicitor and 90% are solved at this stage. Many problems are completely solved at a budget of less than £500. Over 80% of boundary disputes have achieved solutions within a £1,000  budget. When using solicitors - PJL Surveys have considerable knowledge & experience dealing with many solicitors on boundary issues.Some is better than others and currently we are negotiating a support package with a local company we have been suitably impressed with. We recommend solicitors on ability and past performance matched with a track record of customer satisfaction. 

  A complex & interesting boundary dispute. The land near Newport, Gwent had three different boundary disputes along its perimeter involving three different parties. Determining a solution was complex but a result was achieved within a month after much investigation enabling the sale of the property to take place smoothly. I am sure that the client and their solicitors would provide references.  

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