If Carlsburg made a Rugby Legend it would probably look like this !!!  

Mrs Mainwairing  supporter of Aberavon RFC and a Legend (RIP) 





 Mrs Evelyn Mainwairing, the first lady of Welsh Rugby and Aberavon stalwart, a bygone legend who died 6th September 2004 and Im sure from the replies to this posting is sadly missed they dont make them like this anymore !

Wen I was a young child I thought for a short time this lady was Dennis the Menaces mum after seeing her in the red and black hooped Aberavon colours - she lived not 100 yards from me. I grew up to realise she was an absolute legend and demanded the greatest of respect in the Welsh Rugby world of the 1970's. One day Sir Anthony Hopkins the actor walked past on the pavement outside my house eating Welsh cakes he had just been given after visiting her.Locally suffice to say Sir Anthony Hopkins was less well know at the time.





The internet can give FURTHER READING for examples;- 

See ABERAVON AWARDS JULY 1980 on this link;- http://www.aberavonwizards.co.uk/1945-1986.htm

ALSO SEE;- Excerpt from http://www.rugbyinwales.co.uk/aberavon/

It seems at best that Aberavon can now only become a successful semi-professional side and the days when they could take on the best in Wales are over. But they are still a great club and it goes almost without saying that no mention of Aberavon should pass without mentioning Evelyn Mainwaring - Welsh rugby's first lady. She has become synonymous with the club since her son Billy played for the club during the Sixties and Seventies and won six Welsh caps between 1967-68. The esteem in which she is held in the Welsh game was obvious in January 1999 when a celebration dinner in her honour proved a complete sell out with 700 guests packing into the Afan Lido. Welsh comedian Colin Price summed it up nicely: "Only two other Welsh personalities could have filled the hall - Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones!" Evelyn Mainwaring, a remarkable lady, long may she reign over our Aberavon family.