Building Your Own Home - you will find our services are designed to be supportive. Its not our intention to manage the construction. PJL Surveys provide a setting out service and an ongoing advice- second opinion. Our experience may be called upon if you are getting into a problem that's above your head.

Amongst the smallest projects PJL Surveys have been involved in are new build homes and extensions. A budget of less than £1,000 can fairly easily accommodate the setting out services for a new build executive home. You have the guarantee that a well established company handles your interests and is available throughout the constructions to give a second opinion or just put your mind at rest to potential worries. Furthermore each house set out has a warranty covering any potential boundary disputes that may occur. In order to implement this PJL Surveys needs your house located to compatible Land Registry and O.S. mapping co-ordinates.

Charging is often based into 5 main fees. Approx £100 to buy and study land registry digital mapping. Aprrox £100 to transfer an architect's drawing to a compatible OS location on the site. Approx £300 for our site survey to see the layout and potential problems. This will generally include advising on potential risks prior to construction. Approx £250 for setting out excavation & footings and approx £250 for final setting out of brickwork. You get the comfort of knowing that setting out has been done by trained surveyors and have not risked possible budget savings employing a well intentioned odd jobber.


PJL Surveys have developed the "SELF BUILD " package significantly since January 2010.  Soon you will see included in our site surveys is the Enviroscan & Geological information complete with a certificate that the land your planning to self build on has not got a hidden history. This is backed also by an insurance cover.

Buying your land? Why not see our company first. We now have a rapidly growing list of available plots in all areas from the £50,000 budget upwards. Combine that with the ability to advise on construction risks and there is better insight into the intended purchase decision. No good buying £80,000 plot that will add  £15,000 to your budget when somewhere equally suitable you could get a better option.

Another benefit of the service will be the "Solutions to Structures" element where we look at the design and see how money can be saved.  Two notable examples here are where we have advised a customer to use Roger Bullivant Piling Ltd to support the structure on piles rather than risk deep excavations & raft foundations. In the event the customer ignored the advice and previously added maybe £20,000 to the groundwork costs. On another instance a novel new design of a retaining wall saved a fortune in ground works on a very large project. Retaining walls are an area where our company now focuses on a design team/suitable contractor match. Results will speak for themselves - you get the design with the tender price attached. 

Finally a fairly bold statement "If you are building an executive home and want to save an almost guaranteed £15-20,000  on build price then allow PJL Surveys  to introduce you to a supplier who can save one big whopping amount".