Topographic Surveying Volumetric Cross Sections

Surveying & Mapping meets Modern Technology  PJL Surveys use the industry leading NRG Surveying Software. Our experience of over 15 years using this product has been very rewarding. NRG Surveys have developed this product to be possibly the best surveying system on the planet with software support to match. To any surveyor thinking of investing in software look no further.

Here is a link to the NRG Surveys Software homepage please click the link for details: NRG Surveying Software

Survey information is generally collected using Total Station or GPS equipment. Land Surveys can be corrected so that they are located to true ordnance survey position and elevation. From the processed survey, output can be in "dxf" or "dwg" format also 2 or 3 dimensional. Where necessary cross sections and volumes can also be determined. Our surveying software is digitally compatible with almost every other known software or design package known software or design package.








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