The lad who directs this project is a very talented Port Talbot musician and I think he has done an incredible job. Myself I would love to play an instrument and I've also lost my partner to the illness that it is assisting. I'm totally convinced I have no musical ability to play a guitar but the group organizer suggests I give it a go and get taught just how to play a few notes in a performance as do the others till they gain momentum which they do .  


Listen to them on soundcloud now this is like a university degree in my eyes, well done guys and girls keep it up .


 As can be seen these people are enjoying the comradeship of being in a creative musical project. Some may not be able to play more than a few bars but Keith Karrott on the left hand side encourages and holds the direction of the musical sound. Keith has a strong foundation to keep the project on tract and even my wishes to create a sponsorship posting had to pass through his eyes as his task is also to protect and Police publicity. My personal wish would be to learn to play an instrument such as a guitar and I have got no ability despite a few lessons that went nowhere. Chatting to Keith I'm told the band want to attract a cross section of people some who need it as help on a 12 Step recovery program and others who simply want to learn to play an instrument.


I'm well aware how important recovery support is having gone through the devastation of losing my partner in 2012. Its suffering that loss that I consider supporting such a group is important. They have to self fund like paying hall rental, insurances and all the little costs that add up. My method of supporting is that I allocate the hire income of some of my survey instruments to provide funds. A firm can join in the idea and get some publicity also by hiring such thing as a pipe laser or rotating laser at £88.88 a month instead of £25 a week. Each of the items of kit that raise £88.88 will fund an idea such as this. I have no wishes to take the money myself as I'm not that way motivated. If a hire of any kind is charged at £88.88 or £8.88 it will directly land on the lap of some project like this and I will submit the proof . In 2016 a company called SHADOW GROUNDWOKS hired a Pipe laying laser at £88.88 a month. This was the first hire of this kind along with the John Weaver Ltd hire of £88.88 for November and December which will fund the Mary Ewart project in Cebu. Anyway the good news is that the hires went into January and February which will create further funding.  I would like to be able to say by the end of 2017 that the sponsorship has made a real and staggering change especially in CEBU  but additionally there will be funding to promote Fathers Rights to see their children. Already planned is the sponsorship on Fathers day of a dinner and pint in Newport- Any dad not seeing their children can come along get a freee meal , have a beer with similar dads and speak to the press . Hopefully to the F4J media team also. Last Christmas PJL Surveys did a "FREE F4J WEATHERSPOOONS CHRISTMAS DINNER" but the press turned up before any dads which turned out to be few. Just one months hire at £88.88 will buy 10 FAthers DAY 2017 Christmas dinners.





Shadow-Groundworks-and-Civils-Ltd- HIRED A PIPE LAYING LASER tythroughout NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER 2016 and also January and February 2017. NOvembers £88.88 went to Willows Animal Sanctuary - the January & February hires will fund the MARY EWERT project in Cebu which will receive £88.88 during March and also part pay the postage on 3 boxes of medical supplies

  Another company based in Swansea hired 2 rotating lasers throughout November , December , January and February, doubling the total as each laser generated £88.88. This really will kickstart the MARY EWERT project in Cebu.

John Llewellyn an engineer who once worked for Andrew Scott hired an instrument at £88.88 a month instead of £30 a week and the funding went to support THE F4J Dads Christmas dinner together with Minnesota module and Willows Animal Sactuary.

CJ Construction hired a digicat Cable locater and signal generator . This was £8.88 a week instead of £15 a week and the monies will fund support for St Gemmas Orphanage in General Santos Phhilippines where a box of necessities have been sent . This has been prevusly supported and currently we have missing boxes to he address which are being traced by the delivery agents.  Shoes , toothpaste c/w brushes  and toiletries being the big needs within.