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Many people want to buy old houses for their character and locations - others get fed up with the amount of decorating involved in a old house and the long upper chains involved when trying to move in. With hundreds of thousands of new houses being built every year, many more people are considering building their own often on a private development. Here are some of the pros and cons of building your new house.

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PROS: Building your own house means you can create an individual design and the option of designing your home so that it is already decorated to your taste. New build houses need to conform to energy efficiency standards and so will have the best double glazing, excellent insulation and the latest energy-saving devices so your new home will have lower running costs than an old house. Building your new home means you can cater for it being secure and safe - fitted with smoke alarms, fire doors and fire retardant materials. Also burglar alarm, security lighting and security locks as standard so you can sleep soundly at night. New builds should come with a 10-year warranty from companies such as the National House Building Council, Zurich Municipal and Premier. They provide useful cover but do not guarantee your house will be snag-free.

CONS ;- The walls in new houses are often made of plasterboard rather than old-fashioned concrete and so sound may travel through easily. Just because a property has just been built, does not mean there are no defects, or snags as they are known in the trade. Many new home owners are frustrated by the number of snags they encounter in their properties. If you have problems with your new build you can contact a company such as New Build Inspections, which is an independent snagging company that will send professional builders to inspect your house. If you have building experience, you can download a snagging checklist from snagging.org for £14.99 and carry out an inspection yourself. And remember that when viewing a similar designed new property, it is not necessarily representative of the house that you will end up with. Building your own home can offer an exciting fresh start but of course there can be pitfalls involved just as there can be when buying an old property. Hopefully our tips here will give you some idea about whether or not to build a new home.

HERE IS A USEFUL IST OF CONTACTS YOU MAY REQUIRE HELPING BUILD YOUR NEW HOME. (under construction). Designers;- Christopher Williams ,ARC Design, Solutions to Structures, Gareth Lewis Architects. Builders (complete Package);- Paul James Ltd, Red Kite Homes Ltd, Groundworkers;- H.O.S. Ltd, P.T.L.P. Ltd, ETy Developers, Setting out;-PJL Surveys Bricklayers;- Roofers;- Plasterers;- David Gibbons Unstable Ground;- Roger Bullivant Piling Ltd Specialist Landscapers;- Afan Landscapes Ltd