PJL Surveys are currently experiencing a steady flow of work enquiries. If you are genuinely looking for steady employment in the South Wales area our packages are competetive. Generally the benefits of working for PJL Surveys are that work is on a wide range of projects so experience is gained rapidly over a wide area. Equipment in nearly all cases is by Leica or when its high precision work this can be older Wild Heerbrugg and Kern Aarau instruments. You have the benefit of calling on an eperienced surveyor to ask advice and guidance. Perhaps the negative side is that there is not much in the way of promotion beyond site setting out and surveying. Company policy currently is that employees are drug and alcohol tested prior to gaining final employment status.


Recent jobs that we could not take on in 2016 due to lack of staff;- 

Brecon - Industrial Units and offices valued at about £2 million

Bristol  - Offices value in excess of £10 million. To date in 2016 over 40 enquiries from Bristol, Bath , Swindon and Thornbury all of which could not be filled.

Bristol - Mechanical Installations at a power plant £50 million

Carmarthen - Very occasional enquiries days here and there generally. 

Newport - Steel Plant 26 weeks work industrial surveying

London - Many very central London including Tube Stations and retail development

Thornbury - Very small contract maybe a few days a week


Engineers who are seeking placement with main contractors - We are happy to pass on information of placements and charge generally a token fee or a request to give a donation to a local sports team . At the moment £88.88 is the suggested donation fee at the employment stage and for the main contractor a  donatation of £888.88 after a years successful employment. Money at the moment would support Neath Chess , Margam Utd, or another team in the area.